From March, on the first Saturday up to November, on the first Sunday: open daily 9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Cycling Museum
Our Lady of Ghisallo
Via Gino Bartali 4
22030 Magreglio (CO) Italy


“The Cyclists’ house” is both a place plenty of memories and settled in present days which that can only be alive with the participation and generous contribution of all.


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News and Events

Let’s speak about the Tour of Lombardy

The Tour of Lombardy is the lighthouse race of the Ghisallo Museum. The pass is as sacred as the neighbouring sanctuary, such as the Cyclists' museum. Here is an article took out from the web site Corricon.me for Europe Assistance which outlines a piece of history,...

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Cycling is in your soul if you look RadioCorsa!

You're cycling if you look, no need to put a memo, Radioride every Thursday night. You are cycling if you grant that program on TV (Raisport), with all the passion and the pleasure that it takes: to enjoy the news of cycling, the great cycling, and not only the big...

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Some books pedal thanks to the Italian Touring Club

There are books that pedal and tell stories that travel back and forth in time, as we like... This is one among that book, edited by our friend the Italian Touring Club. If you have not yet associated with it, just do it because it is also worth the ... book! “Ah...

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Historical cycling races in chronicles: a course at AcdB

“Historical cycling races in chronicles”: is the title of a professional course for sport journalists scheduled in the twin AcdB museum in Alessandria. “The Giro has no boundaries” is the subtitle, an evening congress dedicated to cycling history and cycling...

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See you on March

Cycling Museum celebrated its 12 years of activity on October 14th, 2018. From 4th November it closed for the usual winter break, to reopen on March 2nd, 2019 even more fit and ready to celebrate the Centenary of Fausto Coppi’s birth and many other things! Founded by...

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More Cycling, More Tourism

More cycling, more tourism seems to be our slogan these days. Where did the people of that modern world that wanted a relaxing holiday go? They’ve gone cycling. They’ve abandoned the comfort and relaxation they find on cruises, to get out and try something new; among...

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