On International Museum Day, Monday, May 18th, 2020, the “House of Cycling” offers a series of events on Facebook featuring Budapest (in the morning) and the two Paralympic champions Francesca Porcellato and Roberta Amadeo (in the afternoon). Our digital road links a new series of virtual cultural events in collaboration with the Alessandria Bicycle Museum “City of the Bicycle” (AcdB Museum).

On May 18, 2020, the International Council of Museums – ICOM – celebrates the international day of museums and this year’s theme is “inclusion and accessibility”. The Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum in Magreglio, together with his friends at our “twin” AcdB Museum in Alessandria, will focus on the value of inclusion with respect to sports. From its original design, our museum included wide doorways, sloping walkways accessible displays, and a large elevator in order to be sensitive to inclusion.

Thanks to the collaboration of Carlo Ottolina, the Ghisallo Museum has offered a section dedicated to Paracycling since 2019.  From this area, on Monday May 18th, there will be two presentations, live on Facebook, one at 3:30pm and a second at 5pm broadcast on the official page of the @MuseodelGhisallo: our featured guests will be two multi-champions; Francesca Porcellato and Roberta Amadeo, who will talk candidly about the value of inclusiveness in sports.

In addition, on Monday the 18th, late morning, online, on the Ghisallo channel, a video presentation from the Budapest History Museum will take place. Our #distantimauniti technology permits us easily to exchange thoughts on the role of museums as places of culture and contributors to a sense of belonging and citizenship. At the planned start of the Giro d’Italia the Budapest History Museum was set to host a substantial exhibition on the history of the Giro d’Italia, in collaboration with the Cycling Museum Madonna del Ghisallo di Magreglio. Sadly the Giro was canceled due to the Covid-19 health emergency.

Also, in the coming weeks, working together with the AcdB Museum, we will launch our first virtual exhibitions and museum cultural activities. Dedicated to the history of cycling there will be a special tribute to the first of history’s great cycling sporting rivals, Giovanni Gerbi and Giovanni Cuniolo. The project raises the profile of both the Ghisallo and AcdB museums and incorporates the first contribution from the Alessandria Chamber of Commerce. Ghisallo’s digital initiatives, developed through the lockdown months, bring our museums to life, by enabling us to stay linked to AcdB, and by facilitating the participation of our many fans and contributors from the cultural, sporting, educational and artistic world.