For the opening of the “MAGNIFICO” exhibition, celebrating the Centenary of Fiorenzo Magni, Spanish painter Miguel Soro presented a new, to-date, unseen work dedicated to the “Lion of Flanders”. The painting, Magnifico, represents one of the most famous and exciting competitive events of the Tuscan champion of Brianza. That iconic image of Magni clutching the innertube in his teeth, captures the courage and determination of a champion.

“I’m very excited every time a painting of mine enters this museum, just as with the previous Coppi exhibition. I am thrilled and I’m happy to be here”, said Miguel Soro, cyclist – painter, much admired by cycling history enthusiasts. With his mixed media collage painting technique (he also uses newspaper clippings) Soro captures the athletic gestures in his caricature of the champions he loves. He also adds complex and fascinating details, stroke by stroke, conveying values and words that bring you into the story. The Magnifico painting is the final image of the photojournalistic story of Fiorenzo Magni’s 100 years, as if, like a reel of film, the story moves frame by frame, from room to room. The Spanish painter has also reproduced his work on COVID-19 masks which are for sale in Ghisallo Museum Gift Shop.mascherina magni aperta 1 rotated