The partnership between the Cycling Museum Madonna del Ghisallo in Magreglio and Faema of the Cimbali Group has been reconfirmed. Gruppo Cimbali has supported the Ghisallo Cycling Museum since 2015.

There are very special friends of the Museum who have stories embedded in the Magrelio Museum history. Stories shared, preserved and embellished year after year thanks to those who have a passion for history itself. It is also the story of a brand, linked to cycling and the Ghisallo Museum in a very special way: Faema of Gruppo Cimbali.

In our case the story continues with Gruppo Cimbali – Faema. This narrative repeats itself daily, punctuated by … at least one cup of coffee with a cycling flavor (grant us poetic license), a story that has just been further packaged up with the confirmation of the sponsorship agreement with the Museum through Faema, one of the Cimbali Group’s dominant brands.

Good things often come in numbers: so, coincidentally, at the same time the reconfirmation of these Ghisallo friends happened, a generous individual walked through the front door of the Museum with a donation of vintage jerseys. By chance, one was a ‘70’s jersey from the cycling team Faema – Faemino. The timing and generosity almost gave us the shivers. Needless to say, this donation of memorabilia adds to inventory which is exactly the Museum’s area of focus.

The jerseys of the past cloak endless memories of journeys and stories of cycling, at every level: they are memories on tour that also enhance the present. In the same way, Faema’s new project, the Faema Global Coffee Tour, is a journey through Italy to celebrate the culture of coffee and to support the hospitality and catering sector. The centre of attention is the Faema Bee and the branded “Bee Car” (Ape Car).

The Faema Bee, incidentally, also has special meaning for the Ghisallo Museum, and is practically the flagship of the race management, put in cycling jargon. It is always ready to welcome visitors of the Ghisallo museum with a good coffee, whether they arrive as cyclists, tourists, or guests for openings and events, such as the Vigorelli-Ghisallo 2019.

Thus, at the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum in Magreglio, we like to think that the Faema Global Coffee Tour launches, metaphorically, from the main ramp of our museum. And once again there are so many thoughts, principles, passions and stories to share: With this new project, says Simona Colombo, Marketing and Communication Director of Gruppo Cimbali, we want to celebrate the culture of coffee and bring pleasure to the areas where it is habitually enjoyed, truly supporting our partners. The tour that starts in Italy will continue on to the rest of the world, giving a voice to people who love to taste this drink, each in their own way.