A special bicycle is pedaling into the shop at Ghisallo Museum. Which, don’t forget, never closes. (https://www.museodelghisallo.it/shop/)

In its unforgettable white-blue colors, it will arrive during the centenary of Fiorenzo Magni, enriching an already magnificent exhibition!

This is the 1955 model … but let’s not reveal anything else! The suspense is growing and there are already many inquiries.

And what are you waiting for? Come see it and us at Ghisallo! The magnificent Fuchs can only be ordered as of December 7, 2020, the actual one-hundredth birthday of Magni! Keep following us!

Stay tuned!

For further information: info@museodelghisallo.it or tel. 335.8398490 (https://www.museodelghisallo.it/shop/)