As usual, the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum in Magreglio, Como, has closed its doors on the summer season only to reopen on March 2, 2021. But, in fact, the museum did not close at all, as, during the first lockdown, which coincided with its busiest months (measured by attendance).

What could it do to stay open? It has transformed itself into a large digital community and invented a new way to enjoy the museum. By initiating special digital content including real exhibitions using innovative software, it’s possible to emulate a visit. Completely digital!

Thus, with an extra card: you can now enjoy an immense digital archive, undistorted, respecting copyrights, linking documentaries and videos, with interviews, collections of articles and controversial content….. The rich subject matter is arranged by theme and easy to consult, just like walking along a path. It’s the same as entering one or more rooms of an exhibition. Allowing the visit to last as long as you want. Digital magic!