The numbers of this strange 2020 tell us that we had a total of 5391 presences, of which 4311 Italians. Foreigners: 1080. Among the foreign presences especially from Germany, Holland, France, England. In an unprecedented way we talk about 80 percent Italian presences, a natural countertreatncy generated by covid-19 blocks. Despite everything, people from 34 nations have arrived (including Sri Lanca, Colombia, Estonia). In 2019 there had been 70 nations, however, as always, the Museum maintains its strong international identity. International resilience can be said. The months of greatest turnout were in order: August, September, July, October.

Among the memorabilia that have enriched the Collection there are 70 more, including: Magni Centenario nr bike. 00/20; 42 historical jerseys including merckx faemino jersey with rainbow colors; Original Campagnolo front derailments from 1953 (from a Pennsylvania enthusiast). 20 jerseys (many of women’s cycling) delivered to the Museum in permanent storage by the Sanctuary have been exhibited. The exhibition museum season is closed but the Ghisallo Museum never closes. This is the first thing we need to say by tracing the usual annual balance sheet that allows us to take stock of the Museum and think about the next seasons. It will be a 2021 even more than ever in honor of our founder Fiorenzo Magni, says Carola Gentilini, director of the Museum, And it will be a very long tribute that goes beyond the Centenary. Moreover – explains the President of the Foundation Antonio MolteniFiorenzo Magni never wanted to think of a Museum dedicated to him, so that this place was always dedicated to all cyclists, champions and gregarious, and the tribute to the Lion of Flanders, taken in its Centenary, allows us in some way to satisfy the need to give space to the story that Fiorenzo’s competitive and human career has traced along just one hundred years of cycling. If this hadn’t been done by his Ghisallo Museum, we wouldn’t know who… could have. We put our hearts into it, in a difficult year like this, you can imagine, but the result was Magnificent!A tour along the museum season 2020 that we retrace here: it starts from the end, with MAGNIFICO, here is the exhibition dedicated to Fiorenzo Magni. Inaugurated on October 3, 2020 and open at the Ghisallo Museum in Magreglio (and in the virtual rooms of the museum), the photo-journalistic exhibition traces the history of an Athlete, Champion and Man as through a chronological film of 100 sports and cycling. The exhibition is the first contribution related to the Centenary of Fiorenzo Magni put in place by the Foundation.

IMG 20201005 WA0003

MAGNIFICO exhibition inauguration: the director of the Ghisallo Museum Carola Gentilini, the Magni family, the Regional Councillor Stefano Bruno Galli, the President of the Ghisallo Museum Foundation Antonio Molteni, the Mayor of Magreglio Danilo Bianchi.

ARTIBICI PRIZE 2020. On November 6th during Linkiesta Festival the 2020 edition of the Artibici Prize established by Confartigianato to reward Italian artisan companies that make masterpieces on two wheels took place. Among the winners also the Ghisallo Museum, recognized as a place of worship for all bicycle enthusiasts.


The Artibici Prize 2020 by Confartigianato Imprese awarded to the Foundation of the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

MEMORABILIA AND PROMOTIONS. A bicycle for the centenary. Andrea Crippa with Fuchs Milano launches in agreement with the Fondazione Museo del Ghisallo the special edition bicycle dedicated to the Centenary of Magni. The promotion for this jewel starts, which is a real two-wheeled tribute in the Centenary of the Lion of Flanders!

IMG 20201031 WA0000

The special bicycle that Andrea Crippa, Fuchs Milano, and the Fondazione Museo del Ghisallo launch for the Centenary of Magni.

Miguel Soro for Fiorenzo Magni – On the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition Magnifico arrives at the Ghisallo Museum with an unpublished one dedicated to Fiorenzo Magni also the Spanish artist Miguel Soro. The painting is on display at the Museum included in the magnificent exhibition.

IMG 20201004 105850

Miguel Soro’s painting entitled MAGNIFICO on display at the Ghisallo Museum in homage to the exhibition dedicated to the Centenary of Fiorenzo Magni

CULTURAL EVENTS – Giancarlo Brocci and his book Bartali, ultimo eroico [Bartali, last heroic ed.]. The heroic par excellence Giancarlo Brocci presents (September 15) at the Ghisallo Museum his book Bartali the last heroic minerva editions. A very attended meeting for the twenty-year anniversary of the death of Gino Bartali in which the publisher Mugavero also participates.


Giancarlo Brocci (centre) with Antonio Molteni and Carola Gentilini.

PEPPONE AND DON CAMILLO – [a famous Italian novel, a popular saga set in the second post-war period focused on the ethics of human, social and political coexistence, from which successful films have been drawn ed.] A special reading: Giuseppe Sormani, mayor of Sormano, and Don Walter Anzani, parish priest of Sormano, together with Antonio Terragni and Alessandro Botta propose an unusual creative rereading of Peppone and Don Camillo. On October 23rd, on the occasion of the third final stage with the passage on the Tremezzina of the 2020 Giro d’Italia (which was then raced … by coach…), at the Ghisallo Museum live Facebook rewinds the thread of the story from the Giro of 1947, the first course by Fiorenzo Magni… 20 years since Bartali’s death – A moment particularly full of suggestion and emotion was experienced on May 5, live on Facebook from the Ghisallo museum, to dedicate a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Ginettaccio‘s death. While Massimo Moscardi, Beppe Giuliano Monighini and Luciana Rota told the value of Gino Bartali thanks to short but significant video contributions, the President of the Foundation of the Museum Antonio Molteni introduced with his personal memory a reading taken from the book by Leo Turrini Bartali. The man who saved Italy by cycling. Link

The music festival and a dedication to Coppi. The day that celebrates the Music Festival, June 21st, sees Rossella Spinosa as an exceptional guest at the Museum: live Facebook maestro Spinosa revives with his music the life of Fausto Coppi with the suggestive film “vintage” made ad hoc in collaboration with the same Museum in 2019 on the occasion of the Centenary of Coppi, a prelude to a new project dedicated to the Centenary of Fiorenzo Magni. Hemingway and the link with the world of cycling. On July 21st, on the occasion of Ernest Hemingway’s birthday, an in-depth study of the great American writer’s relationship with the world of cycling and his personal acquaintance with a famous 1920s cyclist, Bartolomeo Aymo, was proposed through a live Facebook from the museum. In addition, it was possible to present the donation of the Bosoni family, memorabilia belonging to his father Francesco, also a cyclist in the time of Aymo and, coincidentally, born on July 21 as Hemingway. Link

Stars at the museum on the night of San Lorenzo. On the evenings of shooting stars and the first quarter moon in August, scientific popularizer Loris Lazzati guided visitors’ gaze to discover and learn about beautiful astronomical phenomena. A very digital season. With online events. Starting with ICOM International Day – Museums. On May 18th, on the occasion of the International Museum Day promoted by ICOM on the theme of accessibility and inclusion, the Ghisallo Museum created an ideal virtual bridge with the Budapest Museum of History, with which he had collaborated for the preparation of an exhibition on the history of cycling in the Hungarian capital due to the departure from Hungarian land of the first stage of the 2020 Giro d’Italia , then stopped by the antiCovid-19 lockdown. Grazia Fasano, from Ghisallo, and Roland Perenyi, from Budapest, spoke via video link on the themes of the ICOM day. At the end of the day, the director of the Ghisallo Museum Carola Gentilini spoke on video, published on the Museum’s Facebook page, for a final comment on the meaning of the initiative. Coffees with FAEMA. Every Monday we opened our week enjoying a FAEMA coffee, to give us the charge and to ride with the right energy. And with the pleasure of retracing, through the repertory images of the Digital Archive Museo del Ghisallo – AcdB published on our Facebook and Instagram social pages, the story of great champions, great cycling and the great FAEMA team.
IG 27 APRILE The Lake Como Restarts Campaign: then there was the video made by the Como-Lecco Chamber of Commerce for the tourist and territorial promotion of the destination “Como Lake”, telling the beauties of a territory that starts again. It is a flash mob that involved more than 30 places in the provinces of Como and Lecco: among these, the Ghisallo with the Sanctuary and the Museum could not be missing.
SLIDE MILANO 22 GIUGNO 16 9 Champions at the Museum. One click and you get excited. With Francesca Porcellato (handbike) and Roberta Amadeo. On May 18th, ICOM Interantional Museum Day (IMD) dedicated to the theme of accessibility and inclusion, the “flying redhead” Francesca Porcellato, Paralympic handbike champion, and Roberta Amadeo, pink jersey of the 2019 Giro d’Italia and double gold medal (Crono and Wh2) at the 2019 World Championships in The Netherlands of Handbike, dialogue with Antonio Molteni in two very popular Facebook. Happy Birthday Cannibal! Merckx for its 75th anniversary gave us a real cannibal marathon. Throughout the day of June 17, Eddy Merckx posts were dedicated on the museum’s social media pages on the occasion of his 75th birthday, all this culminated with the exceptional participation of the same great Belgian champion in the live Facebook organized by the Museum to wish him well and in which they participated in addition to Antonio Molteni and Carola Gentilini, Barbara Foglia, for MUMAC Faema- Cimbali Group and Marco Molteni, for Fondazione Ambrogio Molteni, with the moderation of the journalist Massimo Moscardi. Link

Twinning saints. It was also the year of the twinning between the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ghisallo and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Boden. About thirty cyclists renewed the friendship between the Sanctuary of Ghisallo and that of boden of Ornavasso, in the province of Verbania, retracing the roads of the Torchlight held in 2019 for the 70th anniversary of the dedication of our Lady of Ghisallo as Patroness of cyclists. At full.. cycling! As always, presentations at the museum gather great participation, such as those with the teams Salus Seregno, Immobilset and Telinco. On June 28, with exceptional godmother Norma Gimondi, the Ghisallo Museum hosts the presentation of the Salus Seregno, Immobilset and Telinco teams, promoted and organized by Angelo Santambrogio and Antonio Graziano, of salus ciclistica, and Gianni Coppola. Representing the Mayor of Seregno, Alberto Rossi, the municipal councillor in the tricolor band Samuele Tagliabue intervenes.


Presentation of the Salus Seregno, Immobilset and Telinco teams: Antonio Molteni, Angelo Santambrogio, Samuele Tagliabue, Norma Gimondi, Antonio Graziano and Gianni Coppola.

Lombardy shivers even if it’s July. In this crazy cycling year the Museum hosted the Press Conference of an Tour of Lombardy which take place in August exceptionally. The organizers of ILombardia edition 114, with Stefano Allocchio for RCS Sport – La Gazzetta dello Sport, Antonio Molteni and Carola Gentilini for the Fondazione Museo del Ciclismo Madonna del Ghisallo, Antonio Rossi Undersecretary for Great Events for Lombardy Region, Paolo Frigerio for Cento Cantù and Marco Galli Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of Como, prestigious place of arrival, met on Thursday 23 July 2020 at 11.00 a.m. in the conference room of the Ghisallo Museum in Magreglio to present to the press and cycling enthusiasts the queen’s route of online racing.


Presentation ILombardia 2020: Stefano Allocchio, Carola Gentilini, Antonio Rossi, (Lombardy, centre) Marco Galli, Paolo Frigerio and Antonio Molteni.

At the end of September, the Lake Como Raid comes to the Museum led by Andrea Tonti and Luca Paolini. On the occasion of the vernissage of the MAGNIFICO Exhibition, Andrea Tonti and Luca Paolini, both azzurri of the National Cycling Team led by Franco Ballerini, mark a visit to the museum, accompanying a group of enthusiasts who took part in the Como Raid Bike. With the opportunity, Tonti decided to give away his blue jersey.

PHOTO 2020 10 05 13 07 27

The group of cycling enthusiasts of the Como Raid Bike visiting the Ghisallo Museum together with Andrea Tonti and Luca Paolini

Piccolo Giro in October, on the weekend when Lombardy was supposed to be there, we were satisfied with the Piccolo version! On October 4, the best Under-23 teams face the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia, with the inevitable move to Ghisallo. October 4 – video of the passage and sound of bells. Link How many friends have joined us and greeted us. Here they are in a quick roundup. Konrad il Brianzolo – Corrado Dugo, Konrad “fanaiman” il Brianzolo, visits the Ghisallo Cycling Museum and interview Antonio Molteni with the intention of promoting the Museum on his social page, on the eve of the reopening after the lockdown. Gilberto Simoni: on June 5th, when he walked through the front door, it was difficult to recognize him (’cause glasses and mask!). Then you can’t help, you recognize him thanks to his smile, and Gibo Simoni live facebook guides us inside the museum to tell us about his jersey and his bicycle that the cycling museum holds.

Dario Cataldo: June 5th turns out to be a delicious day of beautiful visits! In the morning Gibo, in the afternoon Dario Cataldo who together with Antonio Molteni become protagonists, thanks to the live facebook, of an authentic guided tour open to all the followers of the Museum’s social page.

Andrea Dolci, on the other hand, also on the day of June 5, during a personal visit with his family to the museum gives a nice interview to the journalist Massimo Moscardi.

The contagious joy of Riccardo Magrini. He could not give president Antonio Molteni a more welcome gift on his birthday: on June 28, he arrives in surprise on a visit to the museum, after riding his bike the mythical climb.

James Piccoli, on August 14, during his preparation tour for Lombardy the next day, visits the Museum accompanied by Antonio Molteni. Hendrick Hennie Kuiper: on 11 September, a small group of cyclists lingered on the forecourt, and among them, with genuine surprise, the Dutch champion Hennie Kuiper, who gladly signs the memory of his visit on the museum’s guest book, is recognized.

Nico De Lillo the history of the track! On September 11, during his visit to Ghisallo, Domenico De Lillo recounted in a live Facebook, much appreciated by the followers of the museum’s social page, the details of the stayer bike that belonged to Guido Bruno. A dive into the past.

And then… Dino Zandegù. On October 26, Dino Zandegù not only gives the pleasure of his visit to the museum and his friend Antonio Molteni, but also leaves as a donation to the collection a painting dedicated to his climb to the Stelvio in 1965.

Junior champions grow up: Andrea Montoli del Canturino 1902 Italian champion in the Juniores category. The museum season at Ghisallo could not find a better conclusion, in a rather complicated year like 2020, than the visit of Andrea Montoli, Italian champion in the Juniores category.

Touch of color: 2 weddings at the Museum. On September 26th and October 10th the Cycling Museum has dyed its most beautiful and romantic nuances, those of the promises of two couples of young spouses. They are all beautiful love stories, those of the Ghisallo Museum.