The music of Lac Sublime, the musical project of Lombardia Musica with the artistic direction of Rossella Spinosa, intones, in the second half of July, its second act with a series of widespread events that bring music and culture to all the banks of the Lario from Bellagio, the beating heart of the 10th edition of the Bellagio and Lake Como Festival, up to Lecco and the heart of the Manzoni tradition to climb up to the peaks of the Larian triangle.

Free concerts, in the evening, but also during the day, with the new review at the Ghisallo museumI Suoni del Lario” – with the only obligation to book – the schedule of Lac Sublime ranges from orchestral to chamber music, from opera to new music, passing through the delicacy of remused silent cinema. The cornerstone and voice of the entire program is the Bellagio Festival Orchestra, with its fluid and versatile line-up, capable of embracing a vast and composite executive repertoire.

“The next events bring to life the cultural project of Lac Sublime and the heart of the X Edition of the Bellagio and Lake Como Festival, thanks to the variety of proposals that range from the great Italian classics, to which we wanted to dedicate this edition, in a continuous rediscovery of the music of our country ”, explains Rossella Spinosa, Milanese pianist and composer, soul of the Festival and of the Lac Sublime Program. And so, the Schedule from Wednesday 21 July, for the whole month, is enriched by the Review “The Sounds of the Lario” at Ghisallo. The appointment is every day at 12, near the Madonna most loved by cyclists. In collaboration with the Tema association, the Center for Contemporary Music, Lombardia Musica and the Magreglio Cycling Museum, the new review starts that highlights this peak in music, which is in the heart of all two-wheeled climbers. The first concert is entrusted to the flute of Giusy Malito, Thursday 22 it’s up to Marco and Gianluigi Nuccini, Friday 23 is the violin of Tania Camargo Guarnieri: the appointment is always in the park between church and museum, subject to availability. All details on