Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2022 two appointments with the Bike Marathon Cicloletteraria Oltrebici which makes a stop at the Ghisallo Museum in Magreglio and in Val d’Intelvi. With Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio and their Buddy Bike will pedal: Dario Ceccarelli, Mauro Colombo, Giacomo Pellizzari, Dario Ricci, Antonella Stelitano. The supply of images will be by Sara Carena. With the extraordinary participation of Gianni Bugno, Marco Cattaneo and Alberto Volpi.

The weekend coincides with the FAI Spring Days, so some strategic stages and openings will amplify the excitement of the itineraries and the story. The passion for cycling and the widespread story will involve the people on the spot to give life to a real meeting of writers and enthusiasts who will make us ride on exciting and unique roads also for the natural context together with the “animators” of the Ghisallo Museum in Magreglio . It is an event for everyone. By bike, on foot, with a book in hand… and with the participation of Ippolito Chiarello with his theater performance Delivery.

THE OLTREBICI FORMAT – The first format of the Bike Marathon Cicloletteraria, inaugurated last July with Francesco Moser ALONG THE Greenway Voghera Barzi, in Oltrepò Pavese, makes a stop at the Ghisallo Museum, pearl of the Lariano Triangle, in Magreglio, Saturday 26 March 2022 and the next day, Sunday 27, he ferries to Lake Como to conquer the natural and exciting story of Val d’Intelvi.

FROM FRANCESCO MOSER TO GIANNI BUGNO AND HIS HOLYDAYSANDBIKE TEAM – Like a relay, the hands of Moser will pass to those of Gianni Bugno, Marco Cattaneo and Alberto Volpi. Oltrebici OltreLario inaugurates a series of “springs” above Lake Como, in what is called the Larian Triangle which for those who ride a bicycle or are passionate about it coincides with a Pass, with a Sanctuary, with a Museum: up there in Ghisallo!

The spring of cycling tourism is also inaugurated, a proposal that passionately involves people – indeed champions and number one – such as Gianni Bugno with Alberto Volpi and Marco Cattaneo, they are the men of a new special team – Holidaysandbike – a tour operator specialized in emotions and travel exciting. Where the common thread is the bicycle. Thus, on Saturday 26 March, at 2.30 pm from the Ghisallo Museum, with Antonio Molteni President of the Foundation in the lead, a fleet of e-bikes leaves for a natural ride inside and outside the Museum to touch hearts with stories, readings, theatrical pieces, and make known a territory that competitive cycling usually devours in speed. But on Saturday everything slows down.

GIANNI BUGNO AND HIS HOLIDAYSANDBIKE TEAM – “These are the times of cycling tourism at any level, not for competition – explains Gianni Bugno, a true champion of competitive cycling now ready to launch a new initiative – Holidaysandbike is a bet that starts from a need and the growing number of requests for bicycles and e-bikes useful to satisfy the desires of enthusiasts who want to have all kinds of experiences and not necessarily competitive: long, short, several days in different parts of the world and especially in ours wonderful Italy, full of perfect corners to discover by bicycle, the experiences we offer are tailor-made and human, as well as on two wheels. I like this team of friends and I like that this tailor-made project, the bicycle for a trip, for tourism starts from here, from Ghisallo ”. From these places for many sacred and there will be a reason … “.

A DOUBLE APPOINTMENT WITH A FREE WHEEL OF RADIO24 – It will be a double appointment between the Ghisallo pass and Val d’Intelvi. The stories around the Buddy Bike by Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio will intertwine with those of great authors of the literature who rides such as: Dario Ceccarelli, Mauro Colombo, Giacomo Pellizzari, Dario Ricci and Antonella Stelitano. For a true authorial meeting that also promotes the territory and its cultural context. Oltrebici – OltreLario is an event in partnership with Radio24 – A Ruota Libera. The famous Buddy Bike, led by Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio, will guide the tasting of writings, artists, testimonies of those who love and put the bicycle at the center, as an opportunity for knowledge and an act of love for an increasingly tourist and cultural territory fit for two wheels.

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TWO ITINERARIES FOR A UNIQUE STORY – Saturday 26 March 2022, in Magreglio, starting at 2.30 pm from the Museum, a circuit of about 17 km hosts a Bike Marathon Cicloletteraria that rides in the heart of the history of cycling, up there at the Ghisallo Pass, inside and outside the Museum dedicated to all cyclists. Sunday 27 March 2022, Oltrebici – OltreLario with Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio, on their famous Buddy Bike, ferries and reaches the magnificent Val d’Intelvi across Lake Como. A true immersion in less known and even more beautiful nature. Where landscapes make you hold your breath.

STORYTELLING FOR THE TERRITORY – Oltrebici OltreLario is storytelling of beauties, values, territory, with a supply of words and images, snapshots that promote a green area, suitable for cycling and hiking: walkers are also allowed! The result is a storytelling action full of anecdotes and stories. Schepisi, Romio forerunner with the Buddy Bike in the center and Luciana Rota (creator of Oltrebici and black jersey on the route) with this cycle-literary bike marathon contribute to making the project known and attracting travelers to the area. It is a “socialbike” event capable of generating that background “noise” that allows, through constant communication work, to build the user base and successfully launch in April 2022 the itineraries studied and proposed perfectly suited for a tourist offer marked by on the light, sustainable, cultural mobility of bicycles!

SOCIAL BIKE WITH OLTRELARIO – To be part of this community that rides, reads, creates, develops following the instinct of love for the territory and its most hidden corners …. Follow and participate on the official IG and FB pages at these addresses – WITH EXCITING STORIES AWAITING YOU and

Naturally the Community becomes legendary when it connects to the pages of the Ghisallo Museum at these addresses: –


NON PERFORMANCE TOURISM – With Oltrebici OltreLario, Lake Como GAL launches the communication of the tourism project it is building on the territory in constant agreement with local authorities and the network of local actors, which is being implemented. During these non-performance performances, the bike marathons will make known the Instagram account and the Facebook page dedicated to communicating the area and its active tourist vocation: hiking and cycling. The image of OLTREBICI in its original mirror version of OLTRELARIO was created by Graziano Bertelegni, art and illustrator, journalist and editor of the bimonthly Oltre.

A TOURIST PROJECT – OltreLario is an experiential tourist project on the Lariano Triangle and the Intelvi Valley conducted by Lake Como GAL in close collaboration with the Triangolo Lariano Mountain Community and the Lario Intelvese Mountain Community to enhance a natural and historical identity made to measure by bicycle and open up to the discovery of wonderful corners, intact and perhaps still little known. To create a customary, easy tourist movement within everyone’s reach: round-trip in such a beautiful and fascinating area, also rediscovered through local tourism.

THE LAKE OF COMO GAL – The Lake of Como GAL is a limited liability consortium company that deals with the development of the rural territory of the Lariano Triangle, the Intelvi Valley and a belt of municipalities in the Brianza area. It acts through the implementation of the Local Development Plan and finances projects relating to agricultural, forestry, tourism and social issues with European funds. The LAG has the possibility to operate directly in the territories of competence with the Leader cooperation projects, through which, in partnership with other Italian and European LAGs, it carries out local development strategies concerning territorial peculiarities, such as active tourism and olive growing.

THE MUSEUM OF GHISALLO A MYTHICAL PLACE – The Bike Marathon Cicloletteraria could not have chosen a better time to stop at the Ghisallo Museum. The Casa dei Ciclisti reopens its doors on March 5, 2022, for its museum season which this year will be strongly dedicated to the “female planet” of the bicycle and to a sensory crossing of emotions related to cycling, from live musical performances by maestro Rossella Spinosa , soundtrack of unpublished images from the Digital Archive with AcdB Museo di Alessandria, to promotional events, including an important cross-border tourist cycle promotion launch, scheduled for next 30 April, with a symbolic ride that unites Switzerland with Ghisallo, from Lugano in Magreglio, for the enhancement of the museum experience, inside and outside the Museum, with a cultural exchange between relics and (sacred) places dedicated to cycling on roads to ride with classic bicycles or e-bikes (and a flamboyant endowment proposed by the Museum).

Romio, journalist of Radio24-Il Sole24 Ore her, inventor of the tour operator Girolibero him. Two famous cycle-motivators who are touring Italy with their book and their Buddy Bike, a tandem that puts men and women to pedal side by side (and not in front).

THE DELIVERY THEATER OF IPPOLITO CHIARELLO – Ippolito Chiarello, a bike-messenger of the theater, creator of the theatrical-delivery Barbonaggio, also arrives in Oltrebici OltreLario. His activity which began in 2005 in times of pandemic has intensified with the delivery of home shows to “heal souls and prevent abstinence of the heart”. Shows in which the bike is one with the play.

Ippolito Chiarello brings a Theatrical Barbonage project to the Lariano Triangle and Val d’Intelvi, a modality of artistic proposal that is inspired by the artistic experience of the actor, who proposes his shows, as well as in the theater, even on the street or in places non-theatrical, on a stage, selling them in pieces. The show and the Theatrical Barbonage project, since 2009 has made stops in more than 300 cities / places in Italy, has traveled to Europe touching Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin. He also reached Vancouver in Canada and Nantes in France, with special projects, with the involvement of numerous ethnic groups and a work on the collective story through the device of the theatrical poodle. Since 2010, the Barbonaggio, from an individual experience has now become a movement followed by many artists, even alone and who “poodle” by remembering in their materials that the conception is attributable to the artistic career of Ippolito Chiarello.

Since 2010 an event has been organized in Lecce every year called ARTISTI BARBONI PER UN GIORNO, which every year sees the participation of many artists from various parts of Italy and abroad. On this occasion, each of the participants has the opportunity not only to present their own artistic proposal, but to reflect and discuss together on art as a common good and on the profession of the actor. Instructions to become theatrical tramps… His piece can be enjoyed both at the Ghisallo Museum, Saturday 26 at about 17.30, and en plein air, Sunday 26 at 11.00 approximately at the giant bench Centro Valle Intelvi passing through the locality of La Bolla: the play lasts about 20 minutes.

THE READINGS AND AUTHORS OF OLTRELARIO – Oltrebici OltreLario is an appointment with the presence of authors and journalists, all testimonials and communicators of that sustainable progress of the bicycle that we all love and that everyone agrees: the words and stories that will guide us will be those of Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio, of the multi-titled (champion in literature!) Antonella Stelitano, of Dario Ricci (Olympic narrator also radio with Radio24), Mauro Colombo, Giacomo Pellizzari, Dario Ceccarelli, with the photographer Sara Carena generous dispenser of shots. Many friends of the Ghisallo museum will pedal with them for culture, in the spring days of Fai, such as the president of the Antonio Molteni Foundation and the director Carola Gentilini, but also a whole world of silent “pilgrims” enthusiasts who love to frequent these sacred places of the cycling, which often do not stop to observe precious corners of the territory to be known in depth because competitive cycling, involving and thrilling, often overwhelms them in its speed. Stopping to fill up on words and images is a moment.

Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio – 24 bike stories – Gruppo 24 Ore – A journey that begins in an imaginary workshop, that of Beccaris, a mechanic from Mantua, who has been repairing bicycles for fifty years, but which continues by telling the true stories of characters who have made their choice of life on two wheels: from the wizard of the looms to the riders of the theater, from the recordwoman to the solo traveler in the ice of Siberia. 24 stories that follow one another at the rhythm of the pedal and from which the bike emerges as an economic resource in constant growth, an instrument of leisure and sporting activity, an increasingly non-polluting means of transport thanks also to pedal assistance. The world of cycling is a varied world full of surprises, which is linked to the past and opens up to the future, with promises of sustainability and rediscovered harmony with nature.

Antonella Stelitano and her BICYCLE WOMEN. Antonella Stelitano lives in Treviso, journalist, has been dealing with sport and human rights for years. She is the author of numerous essays and volumes. In 2016 you won the National Award for Sports Historiography “A. Manacorda ”with the volume I Papi e lo Sport. She has over a century of meetings and interventions (Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2015), and she has been awarded twice at the Coni Literary Competition in the non-fiction section. She is a member of the Italian Society of the History of Sport and of the Italian Fair Play Committee. She is a Bronze Star for CONI’s sporting merit.

Dario Ceccarelli and Quasi Enemici by Minerva Edizioni. There are great champions like Girardengo, Coppi, Moser, Gimondi, Maspes and many others who have lived and made us experience a multitude of challenges along their way to conquering success. Dario Ceccarelli, journalist and writer, radio journalist (de IlSole24Ore) and end as well as ironic communicator (for Radio24), tells in his book a story of beautiful efforts, one against the other, the efforts that have led many runners to be Quasi Enemies for the love of cycling.

Mauro Colombo and L’Ora del Fausto (Edicycle). The author was born in Erba (Como). Journalist, he is the editor of the monthly “Il Segno” and the web magazine In recent years he has published Centanni da interisti (Melampo 2008), Licinium. A story that continues (Accademia dei Licini2009), The last dribbling of the Balilla (Morellini 2010), You always come back. Ines Figini, life beyond the concentration camp (with Giovanna Caldara, Melampo 2012), and, for the La Spiga publishing house, the Jurassic Derby children’s stories (2011), and Alè oò! (2011) and A tutto sport! (2013). The very modest youth past as an amateur cyclist did not make him lose his interest in cycling, of which he is a passionate reader and spectator.

Giacomo Pellizzari and his TORNANTI AND OTHER SPELLS, 48 hours, 7 peaks, 2 bicycles. Enrico Damiani Publisher and Associates. The writer was the editorial director of Bike Channel and collaborates with numerous Italian and foreign magazines, including “Alvento”, “Cyclist”, “Peloton Magazine” and “Rouleur”. The voice of him “Giro d’ Italia “in the Treccani 2017 Book of the Year is his voice. You can follow him on his blog or on his Twitter (@ciclopericoloso) and Facebook pages.

Dario Ricci e il suo MatchPoint di Nomos Edizioni. Chi dice che lo sport fa male? Qualcuno che non vuole ammettere quanto in realtà potrebbe fargli bene. È questo il filo teso del libro di Dario Ricci, questo e molto altro in un volume pieno di campioni, pieno di … MatchPoint. Illustrazioni di Daniele Simonelli. Prefazione di Pierluigi Pardo. Dario Ricci (Roma, 1973) è una delle voci dello sport di Radio24-IlSole24Ore. Come inviato di Radio24 ha seguito Europei e Mondiali di calcio, Olimpiadi invernali ed estive, Mondiali di nuoto e di atletica. Conduce “Olympia-miti e verità dello sport”, con cui ha vinto lo Sport Media Pearl Award 2015, il premio “Carlo Monti” e l’Overtime Radio Festival 2017. Scrittore e saggista, con Infinito Edizioni ha pubblicato In vetta al mondo (2013, con l’alpinista Daniele Nardi), La migliore gioventù (2015, sempre con Daniele Nardi), I ragazzi di Brema (2016), Oro azzurro (2016), Oro bianco (2018). Con Piemme ha pubblicato Cuore di Cobra – confessioni di un ciclista pericoloso, la biografia di Riccardo Riccò (2018).

Dario Ricci and his Nomos Edizioni MatchPoint. Who says sport is bad for you? Someone who doesn’t want to admit how much it could actually do them good. This is the taut thread of Dario Ricci’s book, this and much more in a volume full of champions, full of… MatchPoints. Illustrations by Daniele Simonelli. Foreword by Pierluigi Pardo. Dario Ricci (Rome, 1973) is one of the voices of the sport of Radio24-IlSole24Ore. As a correspondent for Radio24, he has followed European and World Cup football, Winter and Summer Olympics, World Swimming and Athletics Championships. He hosts “Olympia-miti e verità dello sport”, with which he won the Sport Media Pearl Award 2015, the “Carlo Monti” award and the Overtime Radio Festival 2017. Writer and essayist, with Infinito Edizioni he published In vetta al mondo ( 2013, with the mountaineer Daniele Nardi), The best youth (2015, again with Daniele Nardi), The boys of Bremen (2016), Blue gold (2016), White gold (2018). With Piemme he published Cuore di Cobra – confessions of a dangerous cyclist, the biography of Riccardo Riccò (2018).

OLTREBICI OLTRELARIO DISCOVERING… LASNIGO – Thus Oltrebici OltreLario will make us discover wonderful places such as the Church of Sant’Alessandro, in Lasnigo, of medieval origin. Shining example of Lombard Romanesque, which became Comacine Romanesque in Valle d’Intelvi and in the Lariano Triangle by the Comacini Magistri. With that bell tower that invites us to look up… It is part of a quartet of Romanesque churches with the characteristic note of the square stone construction, together with SS. Cosma and Damiano in Rezzago, SS. Pietro e Paolo in Barni and San Calogero in Caslino d’Erba. All built far from the inhabited center because in the era of barbarian invasions they were set on fire and therefore the houses were protected.

MULINO MAURI – Pedaling also in the history of arts and crafts, to Mulino Mauri, a historical asset, we will take a step back in time, as some parts of the building date back to 1200, the rest are dated 1700. Still in operation with a stone mill for mauri, Mulino Mauri is located on the Lambro river that springs from the Menaresta source, in Magreglio. The Lambro was the primary source of energy for Vallassina and above all between 1700 and 1800 dozens of wheels exploited its driving force for mills, workshops, spinning mills, twisting and weaving mills. During the openings it is possible to watch the grinding of the corn and its refining to obtain yellow polenta flour.

SANCTUARY OF MADONNA DEL GHISALLO – Then of course we will reach the sanctuary of the Madonna del Ghisallo before entering the Museum and recap the words and emotions around the Buddy Bike of Alessandra Schepisi and Pierpaolo Romio.

CASASCO MUSEUM – Sunday 27th, on the other hand, by ferrying bikes and hearts across Lake Como, from Bellagio, we will reach the Casasco Museum, a precious historical and social resource, a cultural and human testimony that aims to bind the people of #ValleIntelvi to its origins. Inaugurated in 1995, it was born with the aim of conserving and passing on the cultural heritage of peasant civilization, of the mountains and of artisanal practices, trying to respect the customs, ideals and feelings of the people who with their hard work faced a reality, for sure. verses, unknown to us.

SOSTRA DELL’ALPE GRANDE – On our road we will meet the Sostra dell’Alpe Grande, an ancient rural building typical of the mountain pastures, which served as a shelter for grazing herds in the event of summer storms or in times of heat. “Famèll” and “cascen” alternated in managing the cattle and at night they disappeared down the valley because they turned into “spalloni”, the smugglers.

And further on there is a nevera, a stone building with the entrance facing upstream and up to four meters deep underground. Snow was pressed inside in winter, then covered with rice husks and beech leaves to preserve it. The coolness persisted until summer and the cheesemaker could keep his products intact.