📌 Events Ghisallo Cycling Museum
📆 16 – 17 July
Two days to discover the MulM project and try the brand new bicycles supplied to the Ghisallo Museum.
The Ghisallo fleet is ready to go.
On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July, come to know the MulM project. You will be able to try the bicycles made available to museum visitors to promote the culture of cycling, the cycling experience and the discovery of the territory on two wheels, inside and outside the Museum. They are muscular and pedal assisted bikes, acquired by the Ghisallo Museum thanks to this project. And they offer an extra experience for visitors to the facility dedicated to all cyclists.
What is the Mulm? The longest museum in the world. The project is inspired by the inauguration of the Gotthard Tunnel, which took place in 2016, and is aimed at creating a cultural link between both the Italian and Swiss territories affected by this change. In fact, if the railway tunnel allows to overcome the obstacle of the Alps by facilitating the “physical” connection between Italy and Switzerland, in the same way the MULM project allows a cultural rapprochement between two neighboring realities that still interact with each other to a limited extent. With this in mind, the museums involved in the project become rooms of the “longest museum in the world”, able to enhance the historical and cultural heritage related to sustainable mobility while rediscovering the roots of the journey through the Alps.
The Madonna del Ghisallo di Magreglio Cycling Museum is part of this special network of museums, located next to the Sanctuary, on the Ghisallo Pass, an iconic place for cycling and the Giro di Lombardia. The Mulm project consists in the creation of exhibitions, exhibitions and events throughout the territory involved, focusing on the theme of the historical modes of transport used in cross-border travel and on the new eco-sustainable modes of transport.
As part of the project, the Cycling Museum has planned to make bicycles, both muscular and assisted, available to the public, to allow everyone to continue their visit to the territory outside the museum, to discover by bicycle the territory on whose roads great champions rode and where memorable challenges took place.
For more information, contact the Ghisallo museum.
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