The event will take place on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October, at the middle school of Monticello, in via Diaz 2, the event will take place “Feast of the three bell towers” and on this occasion the exhibition in memory of the cycling champion Fiorenzo Magni ten years after his death, curated by Antonio Penati, in collaboration with the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

The Program:

Saturday 15 October: 4.00 pm inauguration of the “Magnifico” exhibition.

Sunday 16 October:

10.00 am bike ride along the paths of Valletta with the Torrevilla Bike

1.00 pm lunch by reservation with the Alpini of Torrevilla

3.00 pm “Today I cook” workshop for children with Cascina Rampina

all day long exhibitions of farms and local associations

For info and reservations:

Education and culture office tel. 039 9231616

Library tel. 039 9206478