HEADSPACE DESINGS | L’ARTE IN TESTA Helmets designed by Stefano Barzaghi for cycling great champions.

Press release


Headspace designs comes to the Ghisallo Cycling Museum to enrich the artistic anc cultural program of the great permanent collection in Magreglio. Here, thanks to the passionate and valuable work of the Fondazione, memoria and memorabilia of cycling are taken care of. Art is needed to protect the heads of champiopns and racers, the art of Stefano Barzaghi becomes exhibition and enriches a weekend that flows into World Bicycle Day, on Saturday the 3rd, when Filippo Ganna’s hour record bike arrives at the museum, thank to a special lease by Pinarello. From June the 1st to the 18th

The Cyclists’ House, in the biggest museum in the world dedicated to them, situated nex to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ghisallo, opens up to temporary exhibitions who excited and call to many enthusiasts.

Headspace Designs is promoted and cureted by Ghisallo Cycling Museum Madonna del Ghisallo Foundations, in cooperation with Stefano Barzaghi designer (Barzadesign), loved by two-weeled athlets but not only. The exhibition presents artistic helmets thanks to this generous lenders. Headspace Designs parades the helmets of: Alessandro Ballan, Marta Bastianelli, Samuele Battistella, Daniele Bennati, Paolo Bettini, Alberto Bettiol, Gianpaolo Caruso, Sonny Colbrelli, Murilo Fischer, Filippo Ganna, Enrico Gasparotto, Barbara Guareschi, Vincenzo Nibali, Giacomo Nizzolo, Mikkel Honorè, Alexander Kristoff, Stefan Kung, Matej Mohoric, Gianni Moscon, Luca Paolini, Domenico Pozzovivo, Joaquim “Purito” Rodríguez, Matteo Sobrero, Attila Valter, Giovanni Visconti, Elia Viviani.

Barzaghi’s exhibition also gives the opportunity to talk about a precious accessory for cyclists. It makes us reflect about protection and security, important messages for the security of racers and everyone who bikes.

There are more than 70 helmets designed with great craftmanship and creativity by Stefano Barzaghi. The exhibition was realized thanks to the pictures by Sprint Cycling agency of Roberto and Luca Bettini, always great friends of Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

Great friend and champion Luca Paolini will also be present at the inauguration. For Luca, Stefano designed his first cycling helmet.

The exhibition is sustained by BCC Bank Brianza e Laghi of Alzate Brianza, and is part of the calendar of initiatives for the Foundation 70s birthday.

In July, the exhibition is renewed thanks to the confirmed collaboration with Pinarello, which will lend Filippo Ganna’s bicycle used in the 2021 season, the Bolide TT, to the museum.


He is the quintessential designer of champions. Born in Como, currently living in Switzerland, Stefano Barzaghi (1970) is the first artist to bring in the cycling world the practice of customization, already well known in the motorcycling and motoring worlds.

Customized helmets and bikes with glitter and gold are his distinctive features. These are the ingredients for his helmets, ready to become works of art. Barzaghi customized the helmest of many champions, such as Vincenzo Nibali, Filippo Ganna, Matej Mohoric, Gianni Moscon, Elia Viviani, Alexander Kristoff, Daniele Bennati, Samuele Battistella.


In a nutshell:

the exhibition Headspace Designs | L’Arte in Testa Helmest designed by Stefano Barzaghi for cycling champions Inaugurates June 1st, at 18:00 and will be open to the public until July 31st 2023.

From June the 2nd to the 4th, specifically for World Bicycle Day

Present in the exhibition also Filippo Ganna’s hour record bike, courtesy of the manufacturer Pinarello.


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