Book Launch “Cicli Fuchs. Il commendatore, le sue biciclette e i suoi campioni”

Sunday, May the 7th, 16.30 , at the end of the first stage of Giro d’Italia 2023 will be presented, with the book’s author and the curators, the volume. It traces the history of the bicycle and motorcycle brand and factory. Fuchs, born in Milan in 1914, at the behest of industrialist Giovanni Tappella. An incredible rise at the production level that will bring this brand, already in the early postwar period, to the heights of fame, even in professional cycling, thanks to the formation of the three sports groups: in 1947 Helvetia Rad Fuchs, 1954 Nivea Fuchs and in 1963 Springoil Fuchs, with important results such as the Giro d’Italia in 1955. Professionals include Pierre Brambilla, a young Hugo Koblet, Fiorenzo Magni and, in the 1960s, Franco Bitossi and Gastone Nencini, among others. Il Comm. Giovanni Tappella in his life as a sportsman and patron, after serving as president of Canottieri Olona Milano was also president of the Italian Swimming Federation leading the Italian water polo team to Olympic gold in the 1948 London Olympics.

Preface of Giancarlo Brocci.