Presentation of the 20th EUREGIOTOUR PER IL TRAPIANTO and presentation of the official jersey

Ghisallo, April 30th, 2023 – It will be presented on Sunday, April 30, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. at the Ghisallo Museum Hall, the 20th edition of the 300-kilometer bicycle race “EuregioTour per il Trapianto” that will take place on June 30, July 01 and 02, 2023 from Innsbruck to Arco di trento, organized by the Association Transplant Sportclub. At the same time, the official tour jersey will be handed over and will be displayed in the museum as a testament to the value of sports, specifically cycling, in organ transplant patients.

The Transplant Sportclub APS, founded in the summer of the year 1990, is the first organ transplant sports group established in Italy. The club’s main purpose has always been to promote sports and motor activities for organ transplant recipients and to facilitate their participation in the World Transplant Games, including the winter edition.

Speaking at the press conference will be Ghisallo Museum director, architect Carola Gentilini, Transplant Sportclub president Marco Panizza, and a heart transplant cyclist, Sergio Lorenzi of Trento.

The press conference will be preceded by a bicycle ride by some representatives and sympathizers of the Transplan Sportclub association, starting from Erba.

Among the Tour’s 70 participants there will be more than 30 organ transplant athletes from Italy, Austria, Canada, Germany and Great Britain, accompanied by more than 25 doctors, chaperones and supporters.

President Marco Panizza “All together they want to show that even people who have undergone organ transplants can live a normal life by playing sports.”

Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum Director Carola Gentilini: “It is a real pleasure to be able to host the presentation of this noble initiative, where cycling becomes an anthem to life.”

During the three stages there will be times to meet with local communities and to raise awareness of organ donation and thus give hope to people suffering on dialysis or anxiously awaiting a donation. At the same time they wish to say ” THANK YOU ” to the donors and their families for their noble gesture. It should also be remembered that tenacity, dedication, and passion for sports can complement medical therapy and help boost one’s self-esteem. In doing so, transplant recipients can get back up and together with other roped friends take back their lives, communicating to those still in the vortex of uncertainty that transplantation is life … and what a life!


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