During the month of May, the scent of Rosa Giro has been in and out of the Museum.

Thanks to the traveling and temporary exhibitions that have fueled people’s passion for memorabilia of great cycling.


If you go to the Ghisallo Cycling Museum the pink and the scent of success of the great Italian stage race will capture your mind and heart. This year, the air of the Giro was everywhere when visiting the Museum, which also tells the story of the Giro d’Italia.

In Magreglio (Como) the Giro d’Italia Pink jerseys collection – the showpiece dedicated to all cyclists, and not just one champion – towers in the Museum collection. A collection organized in collaboration with RCS La Gazzetta dello Sport, a breathtaking wall, with the most important Pink Jerseys collection in the world, hosting 65.

The Pink Jerseys of the Museum collection live all together all year long, except for May when some pieces leave on lease, all because we’re in the month of the Giro. This is why, for example, 1991 Chioccioli’s Pink Jersey, Rominger’s 1995 one, the Magni won in 1955, Salvodelli 2006 jersey and Gianni Bugno’s 1990 one, as well as some champions’ bycicles, are temporary leased fromMay 13 to May 19 in Seregno,for the stage that starting from the city of Brianza will arrive in Bergamo on May 21, at the Banco BPM branch at Via Montello, 1/A.


The Giro d’Italia touched Seregno the last time in 1960, 63 years ago. It was an unforgettable stage, in which Anquetil regained the Pink Jersey, ruling the timed race of Brainza, leaving from the historic factory Italsilva of Seregno and arriving in Lecco. For this stage we can remember the streets full of people, ready to assist to one of the greatest timed races of all times.


The Ghisallo in Giro was also Design “on the road,” a temporary cycling museum that on May 20 and 21, was on display at the space of POL 74 in Seregno (via Briantina, 68) for sixty years a leading company in the world of sofa beds. In their showroom, an itinerary that ran through design, cycling and historical films was set up. The exhibition, with free admission (opening hours 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m.), was made possible thanks to the collaboration with our Ghisallo Cycling Museum, withAssociazione Giacinto Santambrogio Asd and to some valuable private collections that allowed us to see the most iconic bikes, jerseys, and shots of the champions who made the history of the Corsa Rosa.

The scent of the Ghisallo Museum also followed the Caravan: a museum that was tinged with pink because it was present at the Pink Race village where historical jerseys and editions of Garibaldi, the Giro guide (editions of 1949, 1951, 1955, 1961, 2007) are on display.

Following the Giro this year were parading to the end of the stage race: Fiorenzo Magni’s pink jersey, Giro d’Italia 1951; Eddy Merckx’s jersey, Giro d’Italia 1968; and Roberto Visentini’s jersey, Giro d’Italia 1986, in good company with the one won by Andrew Hampsten, Giro d’Italia 1988.