Back in the saddle on June 2 and 3. 150 kilometers and motorcycles built before 1939

Lots of people at the second edition of the ”Circuito del Lario”

Passion, history culture are the red threads that tied together the second edition of the “Circuito del Lario,” a historical motoring re-enactment held on the roads of the Lario on Friday, June the 2nd and Saturday, June the 3rd. An event reserved for motorcycles built between 1920 and 1939. Everything was masterfully organized by Antiche Moto Brianza, based in La Valletta Brianza Seventy-two crews from Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany and England traveled the legendary Lario roads on a circuit that was offered as early as the 1920s (this year with some variations due to landslides that prevented passage on the original route).

A perfectly organized machine that made it possible to handle 150 people on the road in an optimal way. Logistic base at the Castello di Casiglio, where the guests stayed and where the dinner was also held on Friday in the presence of several Authorities, various ASI executives, Club Presidents from some Italian cities welcomed by Antiche Moto Brianza President Angelo Pellegatta. During the dinner, the President thanked the Club’s many volunteers for their work, crucial for the vent’s success. The bikes crossed the Larian triangle, starting from Casiglio, passing through Asso, Pian del Tivano, Nesso, Brunate, Bellagio, Ghisallo.

Along the way the motorcycles made a few stops: spectacular was the stop in Brunate, after a climb that engaged the historic vehicles quite a bit (some now approaching 100 years old). The stop in Asso saw Mayor Tiziano Aceti himself regulating traffic, which was obviously somewhat modified due to the passage of the very long caravan, which, in addition to the vintage motorcycles, was made up of 29 motorcycle relays and other service vehicles. The stop in Bellagio, with hundreds of foreign tourists admiring and applauding the traveling museum, was the icing on the cake. The guided tour of the Ghisallo Cycling Museum was also very interesting.

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