Alberto Elli rides on the #MulM roads Here you can find the outings of JULY Join him and glimpse by MTB the territory of the legendary Ghisallo Pass.
Former professional cyclist Alberto Elli, yellow jersey at the 2002 Tour de France, will accompany us on a first MTB outing on the roads of MULM – The World’s Longest Museum starting from the Ghisallo Cycling Museum to discover the routes near the legendary Colle del Ghisallo and OltreLario
On demand it will be possible to join Alberto using museum the e-bikes.
Reservations required by the day before the outing date.
It’s possibile to ride with your own bike, but reservation is always required.
Places available for the guided bike tour: 15.
N.B. The exit will be done if we reach at least 5 partecipants.
Meeting time: 10 AM at the Museum ticket office.
Type of bike used: MTB
Approximate duration of the outing: 3 hours
Itinerary lenght: 25 km
N.B. Reservation required
Partecipation is free and takes place in the series of initiatives to promote the Interreg project, denominated Mulm, Il Museo più Lungo del Mondo (The World’s Longest Museum), of which Ghisallo Cycling Museum is partner.
Phone 031.965885
The next outings are scheduled for:
July 9 – 23
August 6 – 27
September 3 – 24
October 7 – 15