Launch of Giacomo Pellizzari’s new book “Itinerario Felice,” dedicated to the routes on the roads of Felice Gimondi

Felice Gimondi (Sedrina 1942 – Giardini Naxos 2019) was the last Italian cyclist to win everything, or almost everything. A stubborn champion who never failed to mention the great love of his life: his homeland, that enclosed arc between the Orobie and the lakes, between Bergamo and Brescia, the only place where he found the right climbs and the ideal “eat and drink” to get his leg done. In the footsteps of Nuvola Rosa, we will follow the main axis of the Ciclovia della Cultura, making all the necessary detours: from the Bergamo Hills to the upper city, from the peat bogs of Lake Iseo to Roman Brescia, from the gorges of the Taleggio valley to the mysterious hairpin bends of the Vivione pass, and then the “Scalve Dolomites,” Franciacorta, and the Mediterranean colors of Garda. Two friendly-enemy provinces, united by being the Italian Capital of Culture 2023, which are still able to raise great cycling champions and enthusiastic cyclists. A concentration of rare and varied beauty, which the bicycle, the vehicle with the “right speed,” can help us rediscover in its purest, happiest essence.