The 2nd edition of the Randonnée “Olimpica e della Famiglia – Fondazione Fabio Casartelli – Don Guanella” will take place on Sunday, July 16, 2023 with departure and arrival IN VALMADRERA (LC) – Italy.

This second edition is also organized in collaboration with the Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

The Randonnée “Olimpica e della Famiglia – Fondazione Fabio Casartelli – Don Guanella” Is a NON – competitive sporting event that takes place on mandatory routes identified in the description contained in these regulations, as well as in the road-book and GPS track downloadable from the event web page, on roads open to road traffic and unmanned: therefore, participants should consider themselves in “personal excursion”, and therefore, by enrolling, they declare themselves aware that they are in total self-sufficiency, without any technical support and without any kind of assistance even health care from the Organization. The Checks set up for the endorsement of the “travel card” (if done in a paper way), both those indicated and the secret ones, have the sole function of verifying the participants’ compliance with the route, for the purpose of patent endorsement. In case of its withdrawal, the Participant is obliged to immediately notify the Organization of the circumstance, and shall make its own arrangements for its and its vehicle’s return. The route is unmanned so participants must comply with the current Street Code and, if visibility conditions require it arising also from weather conditions, fog, tunnels, etc., must have the bicycle equipped with front and rear lighting system maintained in constant state of operation.

Reduced (C) km 58 – Medium (M) km 75 – Long (L) km 114, Rando (XL) km 205
will be indicated in the plans constituting travel maps that can be downloaded from the Fabio Casartelli Foundation website (www.fondazionecasartelli.it). The routes are also downloadable in .gpx format.

The long route (L) includes, as a variant and optional, the possibility of climbing the “mythical” Sormano Wall.

See https://fondazionecasartelli.it/ for all information and how to register.

Regulations https://fondazionecasartelli.it/randonee/regolamento

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