“A velodrome or the hairpin bends of a climb, I couldn’t choose. A place of the heart, a place of the soul on the pedals, where past and future are one, where the bike becomes an object of desire and not a mere heirloom.”-An unprecedented tribute of words lined up like hairpin bends and dedicated by writer Giacomo Pellizzari to the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, where, on Friday, July 21st (6 p.m.) he will present his latest book “Itinerario Felice: from Bergamo to Brescia on the roads of Gimondi.” Thus begins a long “Tour” weekend. Up there at the Ghisallo

It will not bring us eternal happiness, but it will be close. What? A new cultural event scheduled at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum To be reached by bicycle or other means. Everything is valid. Where? In Magreglio with the blessing of Our Lady of the Shrine “who protects all cyclists around the world.”

With who? For example, with Giacomo Pellizzari, cyclo-writer of Itinerario Felice (precisely), trained in the school of the toughest and most refined climber’s passion, which elevates him to that cycling literature that he gladly climbs even physically, from time to time, as on Friday, July 21. Up there at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum

The Ghisallo Museum Foundation is therefore getting ready to experience a long 2Grand Boucle” weekend that debuts precisely with a book in our hands, the new one, proposed and presented by Giacomo Pellizzari (at 6 p.m., after watching the Tour de France stage on TV at the Museum), which projects us into his “Itinerario Felice: from Bergamo to Brescia on the roads of Gimondi,” (Enrico Damiani Editore).

But if at Ghisallo you utter words like: roads, routes, Gimondi … and what’s more you utter them in July, you can’t help but end up on the big – hot – topic of these days, the Tour de France, one of the most beautiful of the decade. And that’s what will happen at the Museum with Giacomo Pellizzari and other friends, there will be traveling words that will range from the pages of his book (with other literary digressions) to touch the emotions of yellow jerseys kept at Ghisallo that are priceless relics: they are the yellow jerseys of unforgettable champions that are evoked every day on the TV channels that are following the stages of the exciting edition of the Tour de France 2023. With a bit of nostalgia, perhaps, for Magni, for Bartali, for Cipollini, for Fabiana Luperini: for those yellow jerseys present like an indelible stamp of “Italian heroes at the Tour of France” waiting for you every day in the museum’s display cases, but also for those to come, international jerseys like the latest by phenomenon Vingegard, of a world cycling that as soon as it can remember the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, pays homage to one of the most fascinating and competitive collections of memorabilia on the Cycling Planet.

AN OK SEASON“The museum season is going well,” said Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum Foundation President Antonio Molteni. we record a twenty percent increase in attendance over 2022, and it is not over yet. Foreigners have returned, and at the same time we are registering a more “domestic” love as well, which perhaps had grown a bit tepid in recent years, but the succession of events and openings also related to experience tourism are giving us satisfaction”.

GHISALLO IN GIALLO | GHISALLO WEARS YELLOW- It will be a Grand Boucle weekend: a truly unmissable long weekend during which it will still be possible to visit the exhibition “Art in the Head” a great success since last June 1. On Friday, July 21, at 6 p.m., the meeting with writer Giacomo Pellizzari for a dialogue between books and Tour that will be triggered after the Tour de France stage, an appointment that can be experienced and seen inside the museum every day. The narrative will not be able to be separated from the Ghisallo yellow jerseys’s collection, of which just the captions are chilling, here they are:

1950Yellow Jersey Tour of France 1950 (team withdrawal when Fiorenzo Magni was first in the standings) by Fiorenzo Magni
1950Yellow Jersey Tour of France 1950 by Fiorenzo Magni
1969Eddy Merckx’s Tour of France yellow jersey (Faema)
1993Tour de France yellow jersey, stage Dinard-Avranches, worn by Mario Cipollini
1997Fabiana Luperini Women’s Tour of France Yellow Jersey
1990Claudio Chiappucci’s Tour de France yellow jersey, second overall
2022Maglìa produced by Santini for the Tour de France 2022, autographed by Jan Ullrich on the occasion of his donation on 7.10.2022 in memory of his 1997 Tour victory
2022Tour de France yellow jersey of winner Jonas Vingegard, with autograph

SUNDAY RIDE ON THE GHISALLO AND SURROUNDINGS -To pedal and experience these #ghisalloinGiallo days in a special way on Sunday, July 23, at 10 a.m., everyone at the Museum on the Roads of Mulm. Info and more on the website (news here). The former professional cyclist, 4 days in the yellow jersey at the Tour de France in 2000, will take us on the roads of #MulM The World’s Longest Museum starting from the Ghisallo Cycling Museum to discover the routes near the legendary Colle del Ghisallo and OltreLario. Upon request, it will be possible to join Alberto using the museum’s electric bicycles. Reservations required. You can also ride your own bicycle, but you must register. Participation is free of charge and is part of the area promotion initiatives promoted by the Interreg project called Mulm The World’s Longest Museum in which the Ghisallo Cycling Museum is a partner . Tel 031.965885 – Mail info@museodelghisallo.it.

THE NEW BOOK BY GIACOMO PELLIZZARI -It is titled: Itinerario Felice From Bergamo to Brescia along the roads of Gimondi and is the new book by Giacomo Pellizzari to be presented Friday 21st at 6 p.m. at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum. Luciana Rota will dialogue with the author. The author, in the volume released in March, traces by bicycle the roads that for years witnessed the passage of Felice Gimondi, the last Italian cyclist to win everything, or almost everything. And it does so starting in the Bergamo area – Nuvola Rosa’s homeland – and going all the way to Brescia, thus celebrating the two cities that are united this year by being the Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

Felice Gimondi (Sedrina 1942 – Giardini Naxos 2019) never failed to mention the great love of his life: his homeland, that enclosed arc between the Orobie Mountains and the lakes, between Bergamo and Brescia, the only place where he found the right climbs and the ideal “eat and drink” to get his leg done. Following in the footsteps of Nuvola Rosa, Pellizzari follows the backbone of the Culture Cycleway by making all the necessary detours: from the hills of Bergamo to the upper city, from the peat bogs of Lake Iseo to Roman Brescia, from the gorges of the Taleggio valley to the mysterious hairpin bends of the Vivione pass, and then the Scalve Dolomites, Franciacorta, and the Mediterranean colors of Garda.

Two “frenemies” provinces that are still raising great cycling champions and enthusiastic cyclists. A concentration of rare and varied beauty, which the bicycle, the vehicle with the “right speed,” can help us rediscover in its purest, happiest essence. For each stage recounted in this book, the reader will find a map with length and elevation markings. By framing the QR Codes that accompany them, you will have access to all the technical data and be able to download the gps tracks of each route.

THE AUTHOR -Giacomo Pellizzari, a degree in Philosophy, is a copywriter, journalist, and writer. He has 4 bikes, 2 children and an electric guitar. He easily loses his mind for climbs over 2000 While riding he wrote 7 books: But who makes you do it? Sogni e avventure di un ciclista sempre in salita (Fabbri 2014, BUR 2019), Il carattere del ciclista (UTET 2016), Storia e geografia del Giro d’Italia (UTET 2017), Gli italiani al Tour de France(UTET 2018), Generazione Peter Sagan (66thand-2nd 2019), Il ciclista curioso (Rizzoli 2020) e Tornanti e altri incantesimi. 48 ore, 7 cime, 2 biciclette (Enrico Damiani Editore 2021). He has been editorial director of Bike Channel and contributes to numerous magazines, both Italian and foreign, including “Alvento,” “Cyclist,” “Peloton Magazine,” and “Rouleur.” His was the entry “Giro d’Italia” in the 2017 Treccani Book of the Year. You can follow him on his blog ciclistapericoloso.com or on his Twitter (@ciclopericoloso), Facebook and Instagram pages.

Giacomo Pellizzari
Itinerario felice
From Bergamo to Brescia along the roads of Gimondi
Enrico Damiani Editore
Sport e Tempo Libero
192 pages
€ 16,00