Opening day of the year “in pink and yellow jersey,” when Giro d’Italia and Tour de France pass through the roads of the province of Alexandria.

The bicycles of great champions on display at AcdB, Fiorenzo Magni’s yellow jersey, the link with the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, with the participation of Carola Gentilini (director) and Antonio Molteni (president of the Foundation), an appointment with the history of cycling and the protagonists of unforgettable successes: with the extraordinary presence of Franco Balmamion and the world premiere presentation of “Il giallo del Tour,” with author Beppe Conti (Minerva Edizioni).

Valentine’s Day, at Palazzo Monferrato on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, celebrates the love for bicycles

Many important guests are expected at Palazzo Monferrato, representatives of the Great Family of Champions and fans connected to the history and memorabilia of world cycling who eagerly await the 2024 Giro-Tour pairing in the land where with cycling it all began. In Piedmont!


11 a.m. – Palazzo Monferrato, home of the ACDB Museum: Preview for the local press at the exhibition hall of the exhibition dedicated to bicycles “The Giro – Tour Combo”

3 pm – Palazzo Monferrato headquarters of the ACDB Museum, at the Conference Room: meeting with schools: with Giorgio Cimurri, Michele Pallini, Massimo Rava (moderated by Luciana Rota).

6 pm – Palazzo Monferrato home of the ACDB Museum, at the Conference Room:

Talk “THE GIRO-TOUR COMBO” with the participation of Franco Balmamion and the world premiere presentation of Beppe Conti’s book: Il Giallo del Tour – Triumphs and Tragedies, Secrets and Mysteries of the World’s Most Important Race from 1903 to the Present Day – Minerva. The author will be present and will dialogue with Roberto Livraghi, historian and director of the ACdB Museum, and journalist Luciana Rota.