Once upon a time there was a jersey, indeed 185 jerseys, which at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum becomes a collection of colors, of dreams, of hopes, many shared, some successful, others of pure belonging, perhaps to teams that are no longer there, all nevertheless exciting because they come out of a unique and beautiful exhibition set up in Magreglio, in the Casa dei Ciclisti. Here is a collective that tells the story of amateur cycling–the one at the base of great cycling–representing 10 provinces of Lombardy pedaling.

To the openining on Saturday March 9th, at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum ,arrived also Gianni Bugno, usually found running here and there on the roads of today’s cycling promotion, with his usual generosity the champion participated in the collective ritual of the inauguration together, of course, with the president of the Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum Foundation of Magreglio Antonio Molteni and with the director Carola Gentilini. Also present were Arif Messora of the FCI Provincial Committee of Como and Stefano Pedrinazzi, president of the FCI Regional Committee of Lombardy.

“The opening was a success,” said Carola Gentilini. – of public and affection, of true participation, for an exhibition that starts from the bottom and involves everyone, an exhibition that drew, with the patience of its curator Graziano Pellizzoni a hundred lenders. A shot of color that dresses the walls of our temporary exhibition area and tells a lot about the passion for competitive cycling, the first, grassroots, of many amateur or youth teams, with some rare pieces even becoming historical. Just like we want it here at Ghisallo

All those jerseys almost make your head spin It is a collection of memorabilia that complements, among other things, the collection of the pink jerseys of the Giro d’Italia, one of the most important collections in the world, a project that enthusiastically continues and characterizes the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, an increasingly international museum dedicated not to a champion but to all the cyclists of the world.

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From 1887 to the present day, the exhibition “Once Upon a Jersey” (through April 7, 2024) turns the spotlight on the 2024 season that has just kicked off for the Ghisallo Cycling Museum, and this collective of jerseys tells new pages of cycling history.

Parading in review are 185 jerseys representing 10 provinces in Lombardy. From Alberto Elli to Gianni Bugno, from Moreno Argentin to Fabio Casartelli, each thread woven encapsulates the soul of a team, a dream, a victory. The pockets of these jerseys are filled with memories, even the simplest ones-we call it the real fabric of cycling.

There are jerseys of clubs that are still active, such as those of Davide Ballerini’s Canturino, Giacinto Santambrogio’s S.S. Salus Seregno, Andrea Bagioli’s Pedale Senaghese, Marco Cattaneo, and Alberto Volpi and Claudio Chiappucci’s Pedale Saronnese, the UCI Cremasca with Mary Cressari, Pierino Baffi and Marco Villa, the G. S. Giovani Giussanesi for whom Mario Mantovan, Davide Viganò and Giacomo Nizzolo raced, and the Pedale Monzese with Fiorenzo Magni, the founder of the Ghisallo Cycling Museum.

There are jerseys that tell the story of clubs that are no longer active and that have dressed Lombardy’s cycling champions. These include: the S.C. Alberto da Giussano with which Alberto Elli raced as an amateur, the G.S. Lema Alzate Brianza with which Alessandro Pozzi rode, the Supermercati Brianzoli with which Gianni Bugno rode, La Nuova Baggio with which Moreno Argentin rode, the Domus 87 Plant Group with which Fabio Casartelli rode, the G.S. Pozzi Ferramenta with which Beppe Saronni rode, and the S.C. Mobili Carugo of Giacomo Fornoni.

A special piece is that jersey representing the Fausto Coppi Track School in Milan, at the Vigorelli. This jersey recalls the value of a track academy that gave so many champions who trained at the Vigorelli, great champions just like Francesco Moser whose bike of the epic Hour Record is kept in the museum.

These are the colours of 167 clubs, some present with jerseys from different eras, of which 62 are no longer active. There are six “titled” jerseys: two of them are Italian champion jerseys of runners from Brianza teams, one particularly rare one recalls participation as the province of Milan in the Youth Games in Rome in 1973.

The exhibition features some of the oldest jerseys: Comense 1887, Cremonese 1891, Alberto da Giussano 1894, Canturino 1902, S. Vittore Olona 1906, Legnanese 1913, Nervianese 1919, Aurora Brollo 1922, Dairaghese 1924, Erbese 1924, Pedale Bollatese 1927, Pedale Monzese 1927, Libero Ferrario 1932, Macallesi Bussero 1935.