After two editions in which the Randonnée formula was adopted, at the request of loyal cyclists “La Fabio Casartelli old times” returns with the presence of timed sections on the Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano climbs.

It starts in Albese “French style,” so as not to create traffic problems. The SHORT route-which is also open to pedal-assisted bikes-will include the ONNO UPHILL and return to Albese after 58 km. The other two routes, MEDIUM (of 75 km) and LONG (of 107 km), will reach Bellagio and climb the timed GHISALLO, with related individual ranking and prize giving. At the end of the Ghisallo climb: refueling for all with the possibility of visiting the Ghisallo CYCLING MUSEUM at a reduced price.

In the MEDIUM route, from the top of Ghisallo we get back on the saddle to reach Albese while in the LONG route, those with sufficient leg, having reached Asso can turn right, face the climb of the COLMA DI SORMANO and measure themselves with the mythical MURO DI SORMANO, timed, with relative individual times published in alphabetical order. At the top of the Colma di Sormano, another refueling is planned before descending back to Lake Como at Nesso, riding along the lake shore to Como, tackling the CAMNAGO VOLTA UPHILL and finally returning to Albese.

For the Societies, there is a team ranking with scores awarded based on the kilometers covered by the athletes, and to give the opportunity for NON-ROADER CYCLISTS to receive awards as well, there are PRIZES FOR SORTING intended for the participants/registered members present in the drawing that will take place during the awards ceremony at the end of the race.

“The Fabio Casartelli” aims to be A PARTY FOR FABIO with timing of only the indicated uphill sections. The rest of the route is considered a “transfer” in which cyclists are “in free movement” and, therefore, strictly subject to the Street Code.

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