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Sanctuary Our Lady of Ghisallo, born of popular devotion, is situated on the hill with the same name, in the territory of the municipality of Magreglio in Valtassina. It is one of the most beautiful places in Lombardy, on the highest point of the Street Asso-Bellagio where a beautiful view cannot but attract nature lovers. Devotion, tourism and sport meet in the small Alpine church of Ghisallo. The little Church, which houses the Icon of Our Lady and baby Jesus, dear and precious for both eyes and heart of locals, has become the center of Marian devotion, a strong and appealing reminder for those who are still looking for protection and comfort. Pio XII, with a brief dating back to October 13th 1949, declared Our Lady of Ghisallo “Patron Saint of Italian Cyclists” and the small Sanctuary became “Sanctuary of International Cycling”. It is a privileged place and constant reference for cyclists, who stop here and come back gladly as pilgrims to pay tribute to their Patron Saint. Madonna del Ghisallo Cycling Museum has also been on this site. It contains many mementos and objects that belonged to national and international cycling champions.

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