CCT – Cinema, Cycling, Tourism at the Ghisallo Museum

The new project of the Ghisallo Museum, promoted by Lombardia Musica in synergy with the Ghisallo Museum realized as part of the biennial program of the cultural district of Lake Como called PIC, UN TESORO DI TERRITORIO, financed by the Lombardy Region and coordinated and supported by Chamber of Commerce of Como-Lecco, wants to represent a new way for the full enhancement of an important territorial resource, which is precisely the Museum located in the Municipality of Magreglio; in particular, the activity will be concentrated in the cinema hall present in it, with the realization of a series of events dedicated to the rediscovery of a special film heritage, that is non-sound, with live music, with original music, as well as with the rediscovery of documentaries and materials from the Ghisallo Museum Archives able to narrate the history of cycling.

But nevertheless, the project aims to represent an innovative push to tourism, through a rediscovery of our territory, with the assembly of special videos of the enhancement of the places, of its changes over time, with a special focus always on sport (cycling naturally in priority manner). These materials will be accompanied by a program that will see the presence of clips and films made personally by Attilio Prevost, a figure present on Magreglio in an important way in the historical 900, as well as artists

The induced effect will be to create events capable of attracting the public and visitors.

Among the novelties also a composition course for music applied to non-sound and documentary cinema, specially made with films from the Ghisallo Museum, in June 2021, which will see the participation of composition students interested in working in the Italian and foreigners (including students from the Tchaikowsky Center in St. Petersburg, Russia).

The compositional soul of the entire project will be one of the most esteemed and established composers at an international level in the soundtrack of non-sound cinema (silent and documentary), that is the Italian Rossella Spinosa, who has to date set music over 100 historical films, becoming the musical signature of the Cineteca Umanitaria for several years. The program will run from May 30, 2021 to October 16, 2021.


Below is the billboard:

First appointment: Closing of the Giro – Sunday 30 May at 6 pm from the Ghisallo Museum (in presence and streaming). First performance of the original music composed on the new video of the Ghisallo Museum dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Maglia Rosa
Second appointment: Saturday 19.06 at 11 am, The Myth of Fausto Coppi
Third appointment: Saturday 26.06 at 11 am, Tribute to the territory: the Spreafico Painter, in collaboration with the Municipality of Magreglio
Fourth appointment: Saturday 10.07 at 11 am, Il Magnifico: Fiorenzo Magni
Fifth appointment: Saturday 24.07 at 11 am, Tribute to Attilio Prevost (First part)
Sixth appointment: Friday 21.08 at 11, Magreglio and Lake Como (Filmed on the territory)
Seventh appointment: Friday 27.08 at 6 pm, Tribute to Attilio Prevost (Second part)
Eighth appointment: Saturday 26.09 at 11 am, La Maglia Rosa
Ninth appointment: Saturday 9.10 at 11, Tribute to Fiorenzo Magni
Tenth appointment: Saturday 16.10 at 11, Tribute to the Ghisallo Museum for the 15 years of opening

All videos will be presented with live performance of the original music composed ad hoc by Rossella Spinosa. To complete the program, two appointments on dates to be defined for the presentation of the two DVD productions dedicated to Fausto Coppi and Fiorenzo Magni, published by the Ghisallo Museum and presented to the public with special events.